AWS Elasticsearch v/s Elasticsearch on EC2 Comparison

  • Automatically replaces failed nodes
  • Add/remove nodes through an API
  • Manage access rights via IAM
  • Daily snapshots to S3 are included
  • CloudWatch monitoring included
  • On demand equivalent instances are cheaper by ~29%
  • Change more index settings
  • Change more cluster-wide settings
  • Access to all other APIs such as Hot Threads, which is useful for debugging
  • Supports Clusters of more than 20 nodes if required
  • Supports a more comprehensive Elasticsearch monitoring solution
  • m4.large instance, AWS ElasticSearch is 0.151/hr USD for on demand while EC2 is $0.10/hr USD.
  • AWS Elasticsearch service charges $0.135/gb/month for gp2 storage while with EC2 it is $0.10/gb/month.
  • Data-store < 1 TB
  • Small cluster size
  • Low Scaling requirement




Entrepreneur, Programmer, Cricketer, Farmer

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Parvinder Singh

Parvinder Singh

Entrepreneur, Programmer, Cricketer, Farmer

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